graphic: MetaSelf Logo

The mind is
inherently embodied.

— Lakoff & Johnson



My Artwork

The idea of MetaSelf came to me when I was working in my art studio on pieces like you see below. Actually, it was the frames that enclosed them that inspired me. They looked back at me as if they were persons, and I realized their three axes were the same as mine and those of any human body. The wall became the symbol of any system we were in. The shadow the frame cast on the wall represented the Shadow, the repressed parts of the self. And so on. [ Read more … ]

artwork photo: Scarlet Spirit Coat
Scarlet Spirit Coat
artwork photo: Promise of Ceres
Promise of Ceres
artwork photo: Fog Tablet
Fog Tablet

(artwork photos by Gary Sinick)

The pieces shown here are made of nylon that I dyed and carded (combed in a hand-cranked machine). I also used wool. I blended, stretched, layered, and shaped the fibers into batting about 3 inches deep. The result was mounted on a painted or cloth-covered board. Five-sided acrylic covers that protected the pieces from dust and curious hands were removed for photography, to avoid reflections.