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The mind is
inherently embodied.

— Lakoff & Johnson



For Educators & Healers,
MetaSelf Can:

  • Help somatic healers and "heady" clients communicate.
  • Enlarge spatial thinking to include figurative space.
  • Integrate verbal skills with visual/spatial skills.
  • Work with a range of ages and visual or verbal skills.
  • Start concretely, then reveal more abstract meanings.
  • Spell out various aspects of the concept of "self."
  • Provide sketches and charts to make teaching easier.
  • Encourage non-artistic sketching for creative thinking.
  • Expand to include art, gesture and movement as tools.
  • Picture various systems that people are in as rooms.
  • Structure sharing, discussion and problem solving.
  • Visualize a figurative location for "an outside observer."