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The mind is
inherently embodied.

— Lakoff & Johnson



For Researchers & Theorists,
MetaSelf Can:

  • Promote cognitive science using ordinary language and pictures.
  • Offer conceptual metaphor as a self-transformation tool.
  • Ground the idea of "self" in the body's structure in gravity (Lakoff & Johnson).
  • Sketch the self as a stick-figure gestalt (Dan Roam).
  • Explain the idea of "embodied mind" in spatial, bodily terms.
  • Use four bodily spatial contrasts to teach image schemas.
  • Apply a broader idea of spatial reasoning (M. Knauff).
  • Incorporate I-maps, You-maps and We-maps (Dan Siegel).
  • Flexibly introduce systems theory (F. Capra & P. L. Luisi).
  • Stay open to various belief systems "beyond space and time."